"Black" Text

Glenn Wurster gwurster at scs.carleton.ca
Tue Mar 15 11:50:01 CST 2005

> > I notice it's trying for 8 bit mode.  I posted a patch a while ago to
> > do with palette colours that was not been accepted (I'm busy right now
> > but should get back to modifying it eventually).  Try applying that
> > and see if it fixes the problem.  I've attached it.  Failing that, I'd
> > be interested in the portion of debug statements dealing with the
> > SetTextColor call and the ExtTextOut call (if there are those calls
> > for that particular string of text).
> > 
> > Glenn
> > 
> I can't find anything on this SYSPALETTEINDEX you are using, but I
> know that colors created with DIBINDEX macro have 0x10 in their high
> byte. So you probably need to add some tests to get this patch
> applyed.

Thanks very much for your comments.  I'll be sure to change things
when I do get a chance to work on the patch.

I'll take a look at fixing Ian Bartelds original problem when I get a
chance too, but it's going to take time.


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