Regression (SimCity 3000 is Broke )

Tony Lambregts tony.lambregts at
Tue Mar 15 14:58:48 CST 2005

Matthew Mastracci wrote:
> DDLOCK_NOSYSLOCK prevents DirectDraw from locking "system lock", which 
> is a global 16-bit lock on Windows 9x systems.  I don't think this is 
> the right way to fix this.
> Check out this page here:
> This flag has no effect on Windows 2000 or Wine, since they don't have 
> global Win16 locks (AFAIK).
AFAICS The locking system that you have put in place is exactly that: a "system lock". Not "global 16-bit" perhaps but it definatly 
is a system lock.

I am fairly familiar with how this program operates. It is the program itself that is calling the locks with this flag and this is 
the only way I can see it can work with the system that you have put into place.

The bottom line here I have a problem with the locking system you have put into place since it breaks my favorite program. Please 
try the patch and see if it works for your program. If it does then we/I can work up a patch that works with your program and mine. 
If you are not willing to look at it am perfectly willing to submit a patch that removes your patch since it is clearly incorrect as 
it stands.

Please let's work together on this.


Tony Lambregts

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