Regression (SimCity 3000 is Broke )

Matthew Mastracci matt at
Tue Mar 15 15:13:22 CST 2005

Tony Lambregts wrote:

> Matthew Mastracci wrote:
>> DDLOCK_NOSYSLOCK prevents DirectDraw from locking "system lock", 
>> which is a global 16-bit lock on Windows 9x systems.  I don't think 
>> this is the right way to fix this.
>> Check out this page here:
>> This flag has no effect on Windows 2000 or Wine, since they don't 
>> have global Win16 locks (AFAIK).
> AFAICS The locking system that you have put in place is exactly that: 
> a "system lock". Not "global 16-bit" perhaps but it definatly is a 
> system lock.

The locking system is actually a per-surface lock.  Basically, 
DirectDraw under Windows requires you to lock a surface in memory before 
blitting to it.  Wine doesn't strictly enforce this locking requirement, 
but some programs rely on the correct state behaviour.

> I am fairly familiar with how this program operates. It is the program 
> itself that is calling the locks with this flag and this is the only 
> way I can see it can work with the system that you have put into place.
> The bottom line here I have a problem with the locking system you have 
> put into place since it breaks my favorite program. Please try the 
> patch and see if it works for your program. If it does then we/I can 
> work up a patch that works with your program and mine. If you are not 
> willing to look at it am perfectly willing to submit a patch that 
> removes your patch since it is clearly incorrect as it stands. 

> Please let's work together on this.

I'm not trying to be difficult, don't worry.  :)

I can take a look at it, but, as I mentioned earlier, I don't currently 
have access to the machine to compile/test.  Could you try out the 
change I posted earlier that changes the locking behaviour when src == 
dest?  I haven't seen any followup mentioning whether that worked or 
not, but from what you've mentioned it sounds like it should solve the 
problem.  It's a pseudo-patch, but it should be pretty obvious which 
part of the Blt() function to apply it to.

I'll cook up a patch to implement my locking behaviour fix in Blt and 
BltFast, but it'll have to wait a couple of hours.  I can also see if I 
can find a demo version of SimCity 3000 to try out.


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