Four questions to dll/iphlpapi/* wrt lstrcpyA.

Juan Lang juan_lang at
Sun Mar 20 10:09:53 CST 2005

Hi Peter, there's nothing magical in here, your understanding is correct. 
I'll answer each question individually though.

> 1) I am wondering, why sizeof(ptr->Adaptername) is used instead of

That's just a style thing.  I prefer sizeof(thing being copied) to
MAGIC_CONSTANT in case the structure being used changes.  That's unlikely
in this case since the structure is defined in a public header.  Since
it's a style thing there's no code-behavior reason to keep it this way.

> 2) Is 2a supposed to be saying 15

Yes, that's just a stupid bug apparently.  Why I didn't use sizeof is
beyond me.

> 3) Why suddenly the change to use memcpy? and not some strcpy
> function as the code above it?

I wrote this on a different day :)


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