Preview-window works in Virtualdub,Paltalk etc.

luis lenders lgvlenders at
Sun Mar 20 16:37:08 CST 2005

Hi, don't know if it's of much use for anyone, but i
can now view the images from my webcam in the preview
window in programs like Virtualdub, Paltalk and
WebCamnow. Basically the attached "patch" reads a
RGB-image from my 
video4linux device and  "turns" this into a bitmap,
which is then displayed. The device must be able to
"read  RGB's". In case you would like to try, replace
dlls/avicap32 with the attached one, and replace 
include/vfw.h with the attached vfw.h. I'm skilled
enough to turn this into a real patch, maybe someone
with more programming capabilities could give it try.

Regards Luis

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