Preview-window works in Virtualdub,Paltalk etc.

Rick Romero rick at
Mon Mar 21 08:06:34 CST 2005

That code doesn't with with my QuickCam 3000, which defaults to YUV420.

The attached patch adds YUV420 support back in to vidcat.c, and should
still work with RGB cams.


On Sun, 2005-03-20 at 22:37 +0000, luis lenders wrote:
> Hi, don't know if it's of much use for anyone, but i
> can now view the images from my webcam in the preview
> window in programs like Virtualdub, Paltalk and
> WebCamnow. Basically the attached "patch" reads a
> RGB-image from my 
> video4linux device and  "turns" this into a bitmap,
> which is then displayed. The device must be able to
> "read  RGB's". In case you would like to try, replace
> dlls/avicap32 with the attached one, and replace 
> include/vfw.h with the attached vfw.h. I'm skilled
> enough to turn this into a real patch, maybe someone
> with more programming capabilities could give it try.
> Regards Luis
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