winetest: code reorder

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at
Fri Mar 25 10:58:35 CST 2005

"Ferenc Wagner" <wferi at> wrote:

> The point is: the method of operation (GUI, console, quiet)
> should be taken into account already when displaying the
> error message about desktop visibility.  It matters when you
> drive winetest from another program.  I strongly believe
> that the intended functionality of the moved lines is
> totally preserved by this patch.  If it's not the case, then
> I made a mistake and would be happy if you pointed it out.
> I just don't understand your concerns...

Your patch implies that running on a not visible desktop is
a legitimate mode running winetest, but it is not, no matter
which mode (GUI, console, quiet) is requested on the command
line. I hope that running winetest on a not visible desktop
is forbidden once and for all.


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