WineConf Agenda

Brian Vincent brian.vincent at
Tue Mar 29 23:31:33 CST 2005

I'm going to start this off with a huge apology - there's a very real
chance I've asked someone to do a presentation and it's not on this
list.  If so, you need to email me to remind me.  If you were
definitely planning on presenting something because I emailed you, let
me know - there's lots of space available.  I know this only affects 2
or 3 people, but I tossed around a few ideas and didn't want to leave
any loose ends.  (Any of those items would make nice topics.)

This is the initial agenda for WineConf.  I hope to add a few more
items, but Jeremy suggested I pull the trigger and announce it.  I
agree - there's enough here to fill two days and leave a lot of time
for people to get together in small groups.  Only the first two items
are in any formal order:

  Alexandre - Keynote  (He said he's reusing last year's slides.)
  Dimi - to do list / status update
  Steven Edwards and the ReactOS crew
  Charles W Stevenson - Winelib / Winelib porting / and a commercial perspective
  Andrew Barlett / Samba team? - Samba 4, authentication, lots of
intelligent ideas
  Juan Lang - Wine's RPC + Samba or something like that :)
  Jeremy White - CXTest
  Jason Edmeades - DirectX 9 / wined3d / eye candy

I think a full agenda would be about 11 items.  If you would like to
present something let me know - there's definitely space available. 
If you've been wondering, "There's a neat project I'd like to do if I
could only get a few more people interested", well, this is the
perfect time to bring it up.  If there's something strategic to Wine
development, this is a great time to discuss it.  For example, we've
had mixed feelings regarding revision control and its been suggested
to bring it up as a topic.  Would anyone find it useful to discuss
subversion vs. arch vs. cvs?  We could probably get Mike Hearn to show
off how he manages patches with SVK and then let him arm wrestle
Alexandre about whether arch is better.

Friday night we will have an informal dinner after meeting up at the
hotel.  The conference will kick off Saturday morning on campus around
8am.  Lunch will be provided on Saturday and Sunday as well as dinner
on Saturday.  There will definitely be a lot of time for informal

For the Samba guys - I think there's a great opportunity to share some
knowledge to prevent anyone from reinventing the wheel.  If there's
any topic you'd find interesting, let me know.  If you'd just like to
hear a specific topic from the Wine folks, we can arrange that.

For travel arrangements, please join wineconf at ( ) For instance, I'm
actually flying into Frankfurt on April 23rd and it'd be cool to hang
out with anyone arriving early.  If you haven't made reservations at a
hotel, don't worry too much.  There's still rooms available as Mr.
Schmid described here:

If you haven't signed up on the RSVP list, please do so.  It can be
found on the WineConf page:

Lastly, if you have any questions / comments / criticisms let me know.  


PS.  Dimi owes me a beer from last year, so we're all obligated to go
out Friday night.  I'm looking forward to seeing everyone in

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