Regression in winealsa (message only?)

Jeremy White jwhite at
Tue Mar 29 16:49:56 CST 2005

Hey James,

> I am an alsa developer, what exactly is the problem?
> For normal stereo playback use: "plug:front"
> For 5.1 playback use: "plug:surround51"
> For stereo capture (record) use: "plug:front"
> For mixer control interface use: "hw"

Robert has tweaked the code so that the user can specify what
device name to use for Playback or for Capture; the default
value is "plug:hw" (and he then iterates over multiple cards,
adding a :n where n is the device number).  He does a snd_pcm_open
with STREAM_PLAYBACK on the playback device, and a STREAM_CAPTURE
on the capture device.

To manage volume, I've got it using an snd_hctl_open, using the
same device name as that used by either Playback or Capture
(the old behavior was to always use a device of "hw").

It sounds like the volume control should just always use hw:n, where
n is the device number.  Does that sound right?



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