[DInput] Fix 'peek' code for mouse (S3 problem)

Stefan Dösinger stefandoesinger at gmx.at
Thu May 5 13:39:47 CDT 2005

> As the cursor itself, what is the shape of the X cursor ? Is it the normal
> one or is it changed by the application ? I would be really surprised if
> the application did use the 'normal' cursor and did not do it itself using
> DirectX.
It doesn't look like the normal X cursor. S3 changes the cursor the same way 
in Wine as it does on Windows, but I think, appart of it's look that it's the 
normal X cursor / the normal Windows GDI cursor.

> It could be confirmed by the screenshots I found on the web when one does
> not see any cursor drawn on the screen. Did you test this game on Windows
> to see how the cursor looks like ?
I could send you a Screenshot, but strangely the cursor isn't visible on the 
screen shot. I played this game on Windows, and I didn't notice any 
difference in how the cursor looks.

> Finally, could you send me a +ddraw,+dinput,+cursor log so that I can
> reproduce this on my test box and see if the 'normal' mouse cursor stays on
> screen or if it is hidden by either DDraw or DInput.
The log is attached.

A demo is available at http://www.siedler3.de/gindex.htm (Direct Link to 
English Version: 
I don't know if this Demo works with Wine. The original S3 does a lot of 
checks on system dlls and such, which causes the game to refuse to run on 
Windows XP and Wine. Bluebyte has published a modified s3.exe which makes the 
game start on Windows 2K, Windows XP and (as a side effect) with Wine. I 
don't know how the demo behaves.

S3 has two other issues: Drawing is slow with wine versions later than 
20040914, and S3 requests it's Window with the WS_CAPTION and the ddraw 
DDSCL_FULLSCREEN flag set. That causes Wine to reserve space for a caption 
around the window. I have a patch which filters the WS_CAPTION flag in 
Main_DirectDraw_SetCooperativeLevel. I didn't figure out how Windows handles 
this, I just know that doing so is not 100% correct.

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