unix filenames in notepad

Troy Rollo wine at troy.rollo.name
Thu May 5 20:06:12 CDT 2005

On Fri, 6 May 2005 09:10, James Hawkins wrote:
> wine wasn't designed to accept unix paths in the apis directly or to
> display them in open file dialogs,

Linux wasn't designed to run Windows applications either - these things are 
subject to change.

> and that's why we have virtual 
> drives.

No, virtual drives are there because they're needed for native applications.

> This just adds complexity to an already complex beast.  Keep it simple.

If it's too complex for *you* then nobody's asking *you* to implement it. It's 
needed for some uses of WINE, and we have at least one corporate developer 
and one individual developer who are willing to implement it. This pretty 
much guarantees something will be implemented whether it's beyond your 
capabilities or not. The only real question is what is the best *way* to 
implement it.

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