unix filenames in notepad

James Hawkins truiken at gmail.com
Thu May 5 20:49:00 CDT 2005

On 5/5/05, Troy Rollo <wine at troy.rollo.name> wrote:
> Linux wasn't designed to run Windows applications either - these things are
> subject to change.

By this argument we should have changed linux itself to run windows
programs.  If things are subject to change, like creating wine on top
of linux to run windows programs, then the next logical step is to
create a new project on top of wine to allow unix paths in file open
dialogs.  This is just following your logic of course;  I would never
suggest actually doing that.

> No, virtual drives are there because they're needed for native applications.

I'm not sure what you mean by native applications.  Native
linux/wine/win32 apps?  Virtual drives are a part of the design on
wine.  Even if we only used winelib with ported applications, you
still run them with wine, and the very first time you run wine, a
.wine directory will be created along with the drive_c.  It's not just
for native applications.

> > This just adds complexity to an already complex beast.  Keep it simple.
> If it's too complex for *you* then nobody's asking *you* to implement it. It's
> needed for some uses of WINE, and we have at least one corporate developer
> and one individual developer who are willing to implement it. This pretty
> much guarantees something will be implemented whether it's beyond your
> capabilities or not. The only real question is what is the best *way* to
> implement it.

Let's not go putting words in my mouth.  I never said it would be
complex for me or anyone else to implement.  If you'll remember what I
said earlier:

"Objections aside, if you really want to implement this and everyone
else agrees with you, there are internal functions that turn a unix
file path into a windows file path.  I suggest using either this or
something similar instead of trying to send a unix path to OpenFile
etc and passing around flags in the registry and modified structures."

I never said you or someone else shouldn't implement it, and even gave
suggestions for if you do implement it.  Please be my guest.  I only
object to the reason for implementing it, and that's perfectly normal
around here.  Not everyone will agree with the things you want done in

Back to the complexity topic.  The implementation is not complex...the
design is.  Complexity is a design flaw.  When you make things more
complex than it really needs to be, it becomes unwieldly, buggy, and
difficult to maintain.  What we have now works well.  For those
familiar with windows, having virtual drives is perfect, and for those
familiar with linux, it's not a big problem to run over to Z:\ and
head to your file.

If you have anything else to say about this topic, limit it to why you
think it's essential or beneficial to use unix paths, or to how you
yourself would design such a thing, and not about mine or anyone
else's programming ability.

James Hawkins

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