Commercial support

gslink gslink at
Mon May 9 05:58:19 CDT 2005

I wonder if it isn't a little early to consider the entire issue of 
commercial support.  Most programs do not run under Wine without some 
sort of setup and things written to XP standards don't run at all.  The 
project hasn't gotten to the 1.0 level yet.  The project is coming along 
very well and sometime in the future will reach a 1.0 level.  Might it 
not be time to consider things like this when the project has progressed 
a little further.  I believe the project could better spend this effort 
publicizing Wine to groups such as the Smalltalk community.  It could be 
a great help there and in other communities like it.  The more 
involvement the faster Wine will reach the 1.0 level.

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