Commercial support

Paul van Schayck polleke at
Mon May 9 09:31:12 CDT 2005

On 5/9/05, gslink <gslink at> wrote:
> I recently took the list of applications from headquarters that are
> listed as running properly and found that many of these are available
> for little cost.  I bought a few and tried to run them.  Not a one ran
> as is from the box.  I was able to get all of them to run with some
> trouble.  One big problem I see with Wine is that there is no good
> testing.  As versions progress things quit running and the author has no
> way of knowing.  I have no good solution for this problem but I suspect
> that it needs attention.  It is, of course, part of the documentation
> problem.  It is not in the nature of programmers to document their work.

Where would this list be?  As of now there is no list of applications
we try to keep working with every released snapshot. So developers are
not required to check their changes against certain applications.
What we do have is a large set of small test applications we run after changes.


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