APPDB: Half-Life and Counter-Strike with WINE

Hiji hijinio at
Mon May 9 19:03:38 CDT 2005

--- "David F. Colwell" <dfcolwell at>
> Hiji et al,
> Couldn't find Half-Life or Counter-Strike in the DB
> yet they returned...
> Submitted version rejected
> The version you submitted ( has been
> rejected.This application is already in the
> database.  If you are interested in helping out with
> the howto please sign up to be a maintainer of the
> application.  Thanks.
> We appreciate your help in making the Version
> Database better for all users.
> Best regards.
> The AppDB team
> I did my part.  :-)

> On Monday 09 May 2005 7:40 pm, Hiji wrote:
> > Any ideas?  (I'm forwarding the message, so, it
> > defaults to showing below my message.  Sorry!) :(

--- Chris Morgan <cmorgan at> wrote:
> I plugged 'half-life' into the search box and got:
> Looks like its working here.  What did you search
> for?
> I just added 'halflife' as a keyword to the
> half-life application so searching 
> for 'halflife' also returns the appropriate results.
> Chris

I found it too, but I believe the problem was that he
was trying to add a specific version (, and he
got the error.  The versions I see on there are and

David, can you elaborate for us?


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