Software patents

gslink gslink at
Fri May 13 07:26:54 CDT 2005

Jonathan Wilson wrote:
> Its highly likely that GCC and WINE are already infringing on some 
> software patent somewhere (since its well nigh impossible not to in the 
> current "patent everything you can" climate inside a number of big 
> companies)
> What makes this particular borland patent any different?
Borland has more money than Wine.  There are several groups besides 
Microsoft and IBM that would benefit from not having to write and 
maintain an extra codebase to run their product on Linux.  Wine needs to 
partner with some of these people both for money and also for 
development help.  Wine has gotten to the point where it is becoming a 
very excellent piece of code that looks rough.  From past experience 
this means it is about ready for big time use with all the problems that 

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