Wiki tips

Dimitrie Paun dimi at
Thu May 19 16:20:54 CDT 2005

These are good tips. Maybe we should collect them on the Wiki :)

Couple more:
  -- if you want to put your email on your page, but are afraid
     of spam, use the MailTo macro like so:
    [[MailTo(dimi AT SPAMFREE lattica DOT com)]]
     This will still show the address properly in the browser, 
    and avoids email harvesting just fine.

  -- please try to provide a comment when you change a page.
     It takes very little effort (just a few words will do), and helps
     a lot when you look at RecentChanges.

I'm glad people like the Wiki. It can become an amazing resource,
but only if people contribute and take care of it. I think it's already
on it's way of being a great development resource.

If you have any complaints, needs or wants, please don't hesitate
to voice them -- I'd be more then happy to address them.

Dimi Paun <dimi at>
Lattica, Inc.

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