Wiki tips

Mike Hearn mh at
Thu May 19 08:56:13 CDT 2005

A few tips on how to use the Wiki:

- Embedding a block of code is best done like this:

if (foo) 

  This will give it nice syntax highlighting, a monospace font and line

- Unfortunately StudlyCaps as the Win32 API uses them is the same style
  that triggers WikiWording. To fix this surround Win32 API names like 
  CreateWindow or IShellLink with backticks: eg `IShellLink`. This will
  disable WikiWording in that section and also format them with a 
  monospace font.

- If you have a word that it wants to WikiWord, prefix it with a ! mark.
  Don't do this just because there's no page for it yet, somebody may
  create one in future. Also don't do it for Win32 API names, use
  backticks instead. But it can be useful for some things.

Those Wine developers who haven't yet made a todo list, go do it! It's
really informative to be able to see what people are working on (not to
mention interesting) and this way we can help cut down on duplication of

thanks -mike

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