WineHQ css; binfmt && Mono && wine

Ove Kaaven ovek at
Fri May 20 07:32:28 CDT 2005

fre, 20,.05.2005 kl. 00.35 -0600, skrev Brian Vincent:
> Also, anyone happen to know if Wine can be used in conjunction with
> binfmt alongside Mono?  Are there any unique C# identifiers in the
> first 128 bits of a .Net executable that could identify it?  It
> appears the Mono guys recommend looking for the magic MZ bytes, which
> is exactly what Wine requires also.  We can't look for "PE" since
> binfmt can only look at the first 127 bytes of a file.

A technique once proposed for the Debian packages is to make binfmt
start a wrapper program, which further examines the file, then launches
Wine or Mono as appropriate. If implemented, this would be handled by
the distro, not by Wine itself, but it's up to you what you like...

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