Wine on Sparc

Eric Frias efrias at
Wed May 25 09:49:07 CDT 2005

Chuck Hall wrote:
> When was the last time the Wine README was updated?

It looks like this recommendation hasn't really changed since it was 
added in 2001.  I'm guessing it still applies, though.  For me, at 
least, it's was a lot easier to build a new compiler than to re-write 
the assembly sections.

> Using the GNU 
> toolchain I get a few more warning messages during 'make depend' but it 
> does work.

Good.  If that worked, you'll probably get through about 95% of the rest 
of the code without errors.

I do cheat when I'm building it, hacking the makefiles to avoid 
compiling oleaut32 and dllhelp; I think these had x86-specific code in 
them and I didn't need those libraries anyway.

> Gcc, gas, and gld need to be from the GNU toolchain, the rest 
> seems to work as Solaris native.

This is how I do things (with gld).  From what I've gathered on the gcc 
mailing list, using gcc and gas with the native linker seems to be the 
preferred configuration.  I've been meaning to try building with the 
native linker sometime, but I haven't gotten around to it since gnu's 
linker seems to work so well.

> You mentioned that you had patches for Wine on SPARC, would you mind 
> sharing them or should I do a google search for them?

I don't have an easy way to make a suitable patch -- it always takes a 
bit of work to separate the experimental changes I've made that others 
wouldn't be interested in from the important changes fixing real bugs.

For now, I'd suggest getting them from:
under 'Eric Frias'.  There aren't too many.

That said, I'm not convinced those patches will be enough to get it 
working.  I've been working on merging in all of my patches to the 
latest wine here, and there were a few conflicts.  Some of those patches 
have already been applied, and one of the patches to winebuild I'm kind 
of worried about doesn't make sense anymore -- looks like the DLL import 
stuff moved from the data segment to the text segment.  I don't know if 
that is going to cause problems on sparc or not...

I'll be trying to get the current wine running this afternoon; I'll post 
something when it's working.


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