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Francois Gouget fgouget at
Thu May 26 07:01:50 CDT 2005

Francois Gouget wrote:
>>   C. We can do so by patching po4a-translate to
>>      do the replacement itself, from within perl.
>>      This should also get rid of the .posgml
> I have started looking into this. The right fix is for po4a Sgml module 
> to support translating attributes. I guess it has not been done yet 
> because it's only useful for one attribute: lang.

I have a patch for this one. I have attached the po4a part to this email 
for reference. Then we can modify our Makefile to generate the .sgml 
file directly instead of generating the intermediate .posgml file.

 >> Cool. If you figure it out, I think you should also try to get it
 >> integrated upstream.

I have been sending them my Po4a patches and they have already merged 
almost all of them. Currently pending is:
  * this attribute translation patch
  * a patch to correctly detect that nsgmls is missing (I need to rework 
this patch)

In particular they have merged the patch that changes the way included 
files are handled and which lets us fix the out-of-tree builds.

Maybe it's time to figure out how we want to integrate the latest Po4a 
modifications. I see three approaches:

  1) we manually apply the patches to our CVS
     This lets us apply patches at any time but runs the risk of getting 
conflicts the next time we import Po4a if the version that gets 
committed to their CVS is a bit different.

  2) we import the next Po4a release
     I'm not sure when the next release is scheduled. We may want to be 
able to integrate our patches earlier.

  3) we import Po4a CVS snapshots
     This lets us update our Po4a independently of the Po4a releases 
while making sure we don't diverge from the official Po4a codebase.

I think that until we are happy with the Po4a version in the winedocs 
CVS 3) is the best option. Then we can use 2) (or even not update at all 
if there is no need).

Francois Gouget
fgouget at

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