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Thu May 26 10:52:43 CDT 2005

Dimi Paun wrote:
>>However the RedHat / Fedora Core package manager was awfully
>>inadequate, offering no search functionality at all (<flame>they
>>probably think the dumbed-down categories remove the need for
> The package manager does not do that. Did you try
> Also, the packages should be available via yum (most likely at 

As far as I could see neither will let me search for a package based on 
the name of a file it contains. For instance in both cases a search on 
'' returns no result though both know about perl-Locale-gettext.

But I found which seems to be giving good results.
However it often gives more than one result for a given distribution and 
it's not always clear which packages are official and which are not. For 
instance nsgmls seems to be provided by opensp and openjade on Fedora. I 
think openjade is the official package...

>>In fact I did not find *any* perl package listed 
>>in RedHat's package manager!
> And herein lies the problem: hate it or love it, it's the most
> used distribution, and it should work on it first and foremost.

Hehe, maybe.. maybe not. According to DesktopLinux RedHat (including 
Fedora Core) was third behind Mandrake and SUSE.
Not that their 'survey' is very reliable or that this is very important, 
Fedora is one of the main Linux distributions anyway.

> On a slightly different note, I think you are comparing apples
> to oranges: you want rpm to provide search equivalent to what
> an indexing site does for Debian. It shouldn't and there are
> such sites out there.

True but I also mentioned that SUSE's Yast2 let me search for the 
package providing a given file even if that package was not installed. 
This is exactly the functionality that is missing from RedHat's package 
manager (and from Debian's). I also mentioned that the problem I 
encountered was probably at least partly related to my inexperience with 

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