UT2003 Regression - Patch at last :-))

Ann & Jason Edmeades us at edmeades.me.uk
Thu May 26 17:17:43 CDT 2005

> > Without removing the update region there's no way to step further in the
> > list, if I understand the problem correctly?
> Yes, but that's what needs to be fixed, we need to make progress even
> if the update region is not validated. We will then get a WM_PAINT in
> the main message loop, which I believe is what we want.

>Try something like this:

(For reference you need to run tools/make_requests after applying the patch
for compilation to work...)

Yes, that works fine for both the test case I sent (want me to submit
standalond?), and UT2003. Its much simpler than what I had planned, because
I wasn't going to change the server protocol!

Thanks for taking the time to look at this


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