Getting back into the swing of things...

Gregory M. Turner gmturner007 at
Sat May 28 09:47:47 CDT 2005

Hello, as you may recall I would like to start playing with SEH macros for 
winelib (and maybe wine).  I have not done any wine development for a year or 
so, and have not followed the mailing list very carefully.

Anyone have any advice for me wrt getting up-to-speed?  I am aware of the wiki 
and will peruse it carefully.  Also, I will look through winehq and try to 
see what is new there.  Please let me know if you think of anything else I 
should definitely be looking at.

Also, it seems that my work may involve some autoconf tinkering... I have 
tried to study up on autoconf in the past, with disappointing results.  Does 
anyone know what is a good beginner's resource for learning the gnu auto.* 



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