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Francois Gouget fgouget at
Sat May 28 19:27:51 CDT 2005

Dimi Paun wrote:
> Right, short term (3), then (2). However, I don't have a big
> problem to maintain _small_ changes in our tree. So for example,
> if they don't want to get rid of Text::WrapI18N and Term::ReadKey,
> I think we should get rid of them in our tree.

They response to my email regarding the Po4a dependencies was very 
positive. They waid they were ok with making the Locale::gettext, 
Text::WrapI18N and Term::ReadKey dependencies optional.

I have already sent a patch to make the Locale::gettext optional. I'll 
do a patch for Text::WrapI18N and Term::ReadKey next but I'll wait a 
little bit because the changes are in the same file and I'd like the 
first part committed first.

So we will be left with SGMLS and nsgmls.

SGMLS is a pure perl module so the best is to just check it in. The 
quick and dirty way would be to check it in as po4a/lib/ The 
cleaner way would be to import the module in the SGMLSpm directory.

wget \
tar xfz SGMLSpm-1.03ii.tar.gz
cd SGMLSpm
cvs -d ... import -ko -m "Import of SGMLSpm release 1.03ii" docs/SGMLSpm 
SGMLSPM sgmlspm-1_03ii

Then we are just left with the nsgmls dependency which is packaged with 
each distribution (it's either the sp, opensp, openjade or sgml-tools 

> Just let me know when you think we should have the next import
> from their CVS. If a release is close, we can wait for that.

The po4a team has been pretty responsive. They have already committed a 
lot of my patches (9 of them so far). I need to rework the attribute 
translation patch a bit but I hope I can get it in in the first half of 
next week. I may also get the patch making Text::WrapI18N and 
Term::ReadKey a soft dependency some time next week and once all this is 
in I think we'll be ready to do a CVS import.

Francois Gouget
fgouget at

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