Borland C++ 4.5

Uwe Bonnes bon at
Tue May 31 02:51:49 CDT 2005

>>>>> "Andrew" == Andrew Neil Ramage <nrsc16850 at> writes:

    Andrew> When I tried to install BC++ 4.5, the installation proceeded
    Andrew> normally.  However, when I clicked "Finish", it trashed my X
    Andrew> server, causing the system to stop responding to key presses and
    Andrew> the mouse.  I could not even kill the X server, and so had to
    Andrew> pull the power cord out.  Is this a known problem, and will I
    Andrew> still be able to use my Development identity ?

A hard hang is an ugly error. 

But you give few information:
- what system
- what wine from what source
- where to download the BC++ 4.5 installation package
- was remote access still possible when X hang
which could help debugging the information
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