[d3d8] FillVertexShaderInputARBHW wrong color order for D3DCOLOR?

Oliver Stieber oliver_stieber at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Nov 2 10:01:29 CST 2005

--- Christoph Frick <frick at sc-networks.de> wrote:

> hiho,
> i encountered the following problem with Live For Speed [1]: once i
> setup my car and choose a color for it red and blue are swaped. also i
> got a FIXME there from: dlls/d3d8/vshaderdeclaration.c:675 (the case for
> so i tried various things to put data in the hardware, but none worked -
> most of the time the car/game had simply extreme strange colors. so my
> approach (the obvious: get data from curPos, honouring skip and put it
> in my own 4 byte array, then call the glVertexAttribPointerARB with my
> array and skip=0) does not work at all - especially because i really
> dont have any clue about vertex shading at all, i guess.
> my assumtion: opengl takes for the 4 bytes RGBA->XYZW and D3DCOLOR is
> BGRA->XYZW (thats also what the software branch of this method wants).
> any ideas?

You need to swizel the colour on the outputs of the vertex shader from BGRA to RGBA.

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