New eject command issue

Christian Costa titan.costa at
Thu Nov 3 13:06:37 CST 2005

Alexandre Julliard wrote:

>Christian Costa <titan.costa at> writes:
>>I will hack FILE_GetDeviceInfo just to make it recognize my cdrom as removable
>>and try to see if it helps.
>>However, I don't understand well why forcing the drive as cdrom (instead of relying
>>on autodetection) is not taken into account. This could be also usefull for ISO images.
>>Unless this option is planned to be removed !?!
>We can't do that because all we have is a file handle, and there's no
>way to know which drive it was opened from. Besides, you don't really
>want that anyway, whether you open d:\foo or z:\mnt\cdrom\foo doesn't
>change the fact that foo is on a removable device. So we really need
>to make autodetection work properly (it does work fine for ISO images
Ok thanks, it is clearer in my mind.

I made FILE_GetDeviceInfo recognize my cdroms and it works.
I just need now to figure out why the fs magic id is wrong.

Thanks a lot for your time and explanations.


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