WineProbe part II; Propaganda for Wine

David Goodenough david.goodenough at
Fri Nov 4 10:15:03 CST 2005

Dan Kegel wrote:

> On 11/4/05, David Gümbel <david.guembel at> wrote:
>> .. we're arranging an informational event next week on
>> thursday afternoon in Stuttgart. We'll present Wine and its capabilities
>> for migrating and porting applications to Unix. Details are available
>> online (in German) ...
>> ...
> Very cool!  Let us know how the party goes :-)
> (Incidentally, I'm starting to focus on making sure Wine works
> for the specialized apps that businesses
> and governments need.  Since they're usually unobtainable,
> I'm testing freely available demos of Visual Basic apps like ChurchWindows
> as a first approximation.  You can see the list of apps I'd like
> to test at
> If you have customers that absolutely need a particular
> app to run on Wine, please let me know so I can add it to the list.
> Thanks!)

One app that I think is quite important to the business world and that
used to work (up to 0628) and still does work with 0.9 is Lotus Notes (at
least the 6.5 client).  It has been reported a number of times on this

I have not tested anything since 0.9 as I am using Debian and I use the
builds for Debian rather than the tar balls.


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