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Thu Nov 17 03:30:34 CST 2005

--- Saulius Krasuckas <saulius2 at> wrote:

> * On Mon, 14 Nov 2005, Maris Paupe wrote:
> > 
> > I have a USB device which doesn' t have a driver
> in linux, I wrote it as 
> > kernel module, but because I want to run windows
> software under wine 
> > which uses this device it seems that I will need
> to write something like 
> > proxy in wine (like audio and video drivers are
> written) to enable my 
> > software to use this device. 

I also have a USB scanner that doesn't work under
Linux, and my solution involved a kernel module that
does what USBSCAN.SYS does in Windows. Look for mails
about a month back with STI and USB in the topics.

> Forgive me my interest:  
> what type of data does this USB exchande with a PC? 
> What are real functions of this device?
> > Right now I am planning to rewite this driver
> using libusb and implement 
> > everything in wine's proxy.
> I understand the proxy-part, but how using libusb
> would help you?  Maybe 
> you are afraid of your LKM will never getting into
> public kernel tree?

What is this "proxy"?

Last time I checked it was practically impossible to
use libusb from within wine; wine's implementation of
ReadFile(), WriteFile() and DeviceIoControl() work
with UNIX fd's only, and libusb wants its own handles.
I had to make wine's fd, my kernel module's device

> > Maybe somebody have some dummy driver for purposes
> like this or I sould 
> > just take audio or some other driver and use it as
> starting point, maybe 
> > you have some useful suggestions to give me before
> I start?

Do you want any of my work? It includes minor changes
to dlls/kernel/file.c and dlls/ntdll/file.c, the
kernel module, and some work on the STI(ll image)

> Don't wanna be narcistic, but if you read "Interests
> about Wine" part on 
> the Wiki page about me (sorry) [*], you may find
> some messages in the 
> maillist archive from enthuasiasts, who probably
> already have started some 
> work. :-P
> [*]

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