DirectX 8 wrapper update

Willie Sippel willie at
Sun Nov 20 12:02:41 CST 2005

Am Sonntag, 20. November 2005 18:35 schrieb Oliver Stieber:
> --- Willie Sippel <willie at> wrote:
> > Out from Boneville, Telltale Games
> > Shows a black screen as soon as it enters D3D mode - music plays, menu
> > gives feedback, but it stays black. Used to show stuff without the patch.
> > Demo available at
> >
> Hmm.. I can;t get it to run at all, even under windows!
That's strange. It installed just fine with Wine a few weeks ago, using no 
native DLLs IIRC. Maybe it needs the Transgaming MozCtl? I'll try to 
re-install later - maybe it's a regression elsewhere, or it needs funky 

> > Morrowind, Bethesda Softworks
> > Still gives the "unknown stencil mode" error and quits.
> I'm going to re-write mode detection in the next week or so, so hopefully
> this will be fixed.

> > Freelancer, Digital Anvil
> > Mousepointer invisible (with and without your patch), lots of drawing
> > errors, particle effects displayed wrong or missing completely. Demo
> > available at
> Thanks, I'll take a look.
This one could get rough. Microsoft Games. The intro is a WMV (Wine skips it 
completely), the music hangs (filed bug 3853), a trace shows lots of 
unrecognized D3DFORMATs (1347371332 and 943800644) and stuff... But at least 
it installs and starts, whereas Cedega 5.0 just crashes (installer _and_ 
game). ;-)

And I tested another game:

X2 - The Threat (rolling demo), Egosoft
Still crashes with vertex shaders enabled, but the splash gets displayed 
correctly with your new patch (was messed up with the alpha patch). After the 
splash, it displays a random quote, that one's still messed up (works without 
the patch). The demo itself seems to look better with the patch, however. 
It's available for download at

> Oliver.

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