D3DX9 SDK releases, DLL support (CIV4)

Raphael fenix at club-internet.fr
Sun Nov 27 19:41:03 CST 2005

On Sunday 27 November 2005 21:18, Andrei Barbu wrote:
>  D3DX9_26.DLL is missing. This is a D3D9 SDK release (they put one out
> every month or so from what I've seen, with a new DLL that has the number
> incremented). It's mostly like the original with some minor changes.
>  How would I support this in wine? I don't know the wine build system
> enough to extend it to do this. Is there a nice way to generate these DLLs
> and to include the d3dx9 dll so I just have to add in/fix missing calls?
>  This may not be an issue now, but as more and more games get released more
> will depend on these dlls.

d3dx9*.dll are redistribuables dlls so games should package it.
Anyway you can download it (d3dx9*.dll) and use it on wine without problems 
(normally:) ) 


PS: if you have time and mathematics/3d skills it should be easy to implement 
most of d3dx dll
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