Autoresolving our 554 old UNCONFIRMED bugs

Marcus Meissner marcus at
Sat Oct 1 05:43:02 CDT 2005

On Fri, Sep 30, 2005 at 11:13:46PM -0700, Dan Kegel wrote:
> We have 554 unconfirmed bugs older than 90 days.
> Most of these are likely to be obsolete.
> It would be really easy to write a script to
> ping the people who submitted those bugs,
> and ask them to update the bug if it's still valid.
> If there's no reply in two weeks, we could mark
> the bug 'resolved abandoned'.
> Detailed proposal, including the text of the message to be
> sent, are at
> I'd like to send this once packages are ready.

I am not sure that I like this approach.
It might appear to our users that we do not care.

The timelines are a bit strict too. ;)

Ciao, Marcus

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