Release plans

Brian Vincent brian.vincent at
Sat Oct 1 12:18:07 CDT 2005

On 10/1/05, Molle Bestefich <molle.bestefich at> wrote:
> If anyone has the copy of IDA that the current guide mentions, or know
> whether it is functionally equivalent with some other product, please
> speak up.

That's odd..

Anyway, the filename here has "demo" in it, so I'm not sure if this is
the full IDA Pro everyone has used in the past.  Uwe would probably
know since he seems to use/test it a lot.

If that isn't it, maybe one of these will work:

>From the IDA Pro page about why they don't host it:
"The distribution of our freeware version was using insane amounts of
bandwdith, several hundreds of them are delivered each day. Here is
for example an Analog report for Dec 2002 and Jan 2003

20013: 93.98%: 27/Jan/03 23:18: /freefiles/

One of our hopes in distributing this freeware version had been that
it would diminish the number "pirate" contacts. Unfortunately, this
has not been the case. That is why, after having delivered hundreds of
thousands of copies of IDA Freeware, we have decided not to host this
file anymore. Note that the IDA Pro freeware license doesn't change :
the freeware version remains freeware, and anyone willing to host it
is welcome to do so."


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