headless question, and IPC question

Ken Larson x1 at larsontechnologies.com
Mon Oct 3 01:44:20 CDT 2005

Boaz Harrosh wrote:
> Ken Larson wrote:
>> This assumes that I'm using winelib, correct? (I currently am not, I'm 
>> compiling on windows, but considering using winelib instead)
> Yes!! Winelib can be both your DLL calling code, and you complete Linux 
> application. No need for .EXE compiled or crosscompiled for windows, No 
> need for IPC and no need for two parts at all.
> I apologize for the State of the documentation that this is not clear!
> It as been proven that any windows code can be compiled as Winelib. If 
> you are using core Libraries like MFC or ATL than that might get 
> difficult (not impossible), but it seems this is not your case. On the 
> other hand Winelib applications are a Linux applications so they can 
> link to any Linux library. Just that they have a funny Makefile and are 
> built with Winegcc.
> Statically linking of a DLL is done as follows:
> - Write a .spec file prototyping your DLL, than “winebuild” it to a .DEF 
> file. (make a rule for it in Makefile)
> - Link your Winelib against that .DEF file like you do any other 
> Wine/Native DLL.
> .spec file syntax is documented and should be simple. Now all this is 
> easy if your DLL is extern "C". If it is C++ exports you'll need 
> something extra. Is your DLL exporting C++ mangled symbols?
> Free Life
> Boaz

Thanks for the info.

Ultimately, my app is a Java app.  I am spawning my EXE wrapper around 
my DLL and talking to it from Java with sockets.  So unless I'm missing 
something, my entire (Java) app can't be a winelib linux app (barring 
something like gcj which I'm not sure I'm ready for).


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