Cannot compile 20050830 on Solaris 9

Rob D rddone at
Mon Oct 3 20:31:44 CDT 2005

The only Solaris 9 binary I could find was from his website at:

The only problem is that it is 20040309, which is over a year and a half 
old and it has the RTLD_FIRST problem.

various combinations of symlinking /usr/ccs/bin/as to /opt/sfw/bin/gas and 
back, with and without running configure between makes does change the 
output significantly. Some combinations give the Assembler Message Unknown 
pseudo-op '.half', but most combinations give the illegal mnemonic or 
dozens of the following error:

(standard input): Assembler messages:
(standard input): 4802: Error: Rest of line ignored. First ignored 
character is '@''

Since changing the symlink appears to change the behaviour, I would assume 
that gcc IS trying to use as instead of gas, but it also seems that adding 
the symlink and running configure should make it use gas.

Now Im really confused.

I read somewhere that someone had to maually configure gcc to use gas. Not 
sure how to do that at all, but now that is my next task.

Rob Done

At 05:28 PM 10/3/2005, you wrote:
Le lun 03/10/2005 à 19:11, Rob D a écrit :
 > I have been trying to compile wine from source on Solaris 9 on x86.
 > This has proven to be very frustrating.
 > I had to rename a struct in one of the files in the tools/windump/main.c
 > because of a name clash, but that was easy.
 > I am pretty new to the whole compiling from source thing on Unix, but have
 > built several packages (including Wine), on various Linux platforms and a
 > few on Solaris. The main problem I seem to be having is with the assembler
 > portion.
 > All goes well until it gets to the d3d8 directory, and I get the following:
 > I thought at first that it was inadvertently using the AS assembler, but
 > apparently the AS = gas in the Makefile says otherwise. Not sure where to
 > go from here, since the /var/tmp files disappear immediately.

Are you sure your gcc is setup to use gas and not as? There's a section
about that on Solaris in README. The same kind of problem can happen too
with ld.

Robert Lunnon makes some Solaris version of Wine, maybe you could find


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