Organizing more Wine bug triage

Jonathan Ernst Jonathan at
Tue Oct 4 18:29:27 CDT 2005

Le vendredi 23 septembre 2005 à 13:12 -0400, dank at a écrit :
> Wine's bugzilla has 375 unconfirmed bugs reported since
> the beginning of the year.
> A fair number of these are worth fixing,
> but don't have good recipes for how to reproduce them.
> I think it's time to make a concerted effort
> to recruit more Wine users to help triage bug
> reports, so wine developers can spend less
> time sorting through poor bug reports.
> As a first stab, I've created a web page,
> describing bug triage and giving easy steps
> for people who are interested in helping.
> Please have a look.
> Comments and suggestions for improvement welcome.

Can you please tell people in the section 
"How to help: Triage appdb problem reports"
To add bug links in the AppDB. I did it with all the hundreds bugs I
have been reviewing lately and I think it's good to have it in the AppDB
so that people are aware of bugs already reported.


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