GTA installer - hidden message boxes [ user32 ]

Ivan Gyurdiev ivg2 at
Sat Oct 8 00:45:21 CDT 2005

I think I'm on the right track to figuring out why I can't get GTA to 
install. I thought ole was at fault, but now I suspect user32. It seems 
that the installer pops up various message boxes (or at least, it 
supposed to...but it doesn't). Then it waits for a reply, and it never 
receives one, because I don't see any message boxes. That's why it 
"freezes", imho. One box it's supposed to show is "out-of-space", if I 
don't have enough hard drive space for the components (which apparently 
I don't..when the audio is installed). Another one has empty contents at 
msgbox.OnInit (not sure what that means - is the text set later? - I see 
ignored event 0006 (setText)). I can't see the boxes in question, but I 
see calls to msgbox to create them. The WM_SHOWWINDOW event is 
propagated down to DefWindowProc, where it is blocked.

In "custom install" mode, the out-of-space box shows up, but the second 
"mystery box" doesn't. In "complete install" mode I see neither box. If 
I free up enough hard drive space, it still fails, because of this 
second box that I can't see.

More detail here:

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