Improve Bugzilla Query page usability by changing default state?

Tony Lambregts tony.lambregts at
Sun Oct 9 15:01:33 CDT 2005

Dan Kegel wrote:

>On 10/9/05, Tony Lambregts <tony.lambregts at> wrote:
>>You say you want to contribute this to wine but you also want to put
>>unreasonable restrictions on how we can use it.  I, and probably most
>>others do not want to duplicate your efforts. However if we do put it
>>into Wine HQ as html we have to submit patches to keep it up to date and
>>that is also a waste of time and effort that can be better spent elsewhere.
>I agree that it should be easy to update WineHQ.  If it's
>hard at the moment, that needs to be fixed.
Submitting patches is not something that needs to be fixed, and I know 
of no bettter way of updateing the websites! It is not hard but it does 
require a skill set and resourses to be set up that not everyone has. 

In order to make a patch you need a copy of the WineHQ site on your 
computer.  Next php and apache should be installed. Even if you have all 
that you still need to make the patch and wait for it to be commited.   
This raises the level of difficulty to the point that most people will 
not put in the effort and it makes for poorer and out of date 

>And once my page is ready to go, I won't place any restrictions
>on where it can be used. 
I truely appreciate you doing that.

> I simply can't develop on the Wiki;
>it's too slow and painful for me compared to a normal text editor.
>- Dan
Why is it that slow? Is it that resource hungry or is it your connection 
speed? I tried it on my old box (the one that took 8 hours to compile 
wine) and it seemed fine.  So it must be your connection speed (I have 


Tony Lambregts

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