MS Office 95/97 needs native odbccp32.dll

Mike McCormack mike at
Mon Oct 10 03:54:16 CDT 2005

Michael Kaufmann wrote:

> The MS Office 95/97 setup program fails when using the built-in 
> odbccp32.dll. A native version of this dll is on the installation media. 
> Since 2005-07-08, Wine doesn't use this file because of this patch: 

Does Office 95/97 ship a version of odbccp32.dll in C:\windows\system, 
or in some other directory?

> - Implement the needed functions in odbccp32.dll

Ofcourse implementing the necessary functions would be the best 
solution, but until somebody does that I guess putting a note about dll 
overrides in the appdb would be OK.

If we simply set odbccp32=n in the default user.reg nobdoy is going to 
fix it.


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