MS Office 95/97 needs native odbccp32.dll

Michael Kaufmann hallo at
Mon Oct 10 05:20:00 CDT 2005

>> The MS Office 95/97 setup program fails when using the built-in 
>> odbccp32.dll. A native version of this dll is on the installation 
>> media. Since 2005-07-08, Wine doesn't use this file because of this 
>> patch:
> Does Office 95/97 ship a version of odbccp32.dll in C:\windows\system, 
> or in some other directory?

Office 95 does not. Office 97 puts it in C:\Windows\System32, together 
with a lot of other ODBC dlls, for example odbccp32.cpl and odbcad32.exe 
(a configuration tool for ODBC data sources).

> - Implement the needed functions in odbccp32.dll
> Ofcourse implementing the necessary functions would be the best 
> solution, but until somebody does that I guess putting a note about 
> dll overrides in the appdb would be OK.

Right now only Office 2003 is in the application DB. "MS Office Setup" 
is also listed as an application. We probably have to add entries to 
every stand-alone application too (Access, Excel). Anybody wants to do this?


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