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Juan Lang juan_lang at
Fri Oct 14 10:31:06 CDT 2005

> BTW, you might be able to clarify how it can happen that Crossover
> (derived from LGPL-ed WINE, if I understand it correctly) doesn't
> have one of these bugs, but WINE does?

Crossover has a limited set of applications that it supports, whereas Wine
tries to support "all" applications.  Sometimes a gross, ugly hack ends up
in Crossover to support an app, that would break other apps, except that
those other apps aren't supported by Crossover.  As such the hacks end up
remaining in the Crossover tree, and not going into winehq.

> I used to think that LGPL requires availability of modified source,
> and therefore WINE developers should be able to 'backport' bugfixes
> from CrossOver to WINE, shouldn't they?

Indeed, yes.  Prominently linked from Codeweavers' products page:


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