Reality check

Hiji hijinio at
Fri Oct 14 15:05:08 CDT 2005

--- Lionel Ulmer <lionel.ulmer at> wrote:

> On Fri, Oct 14, 2005 at 09:50:48AM -0700, Hiji
> wrote:
> > However, there is a more fundamental problem here.
>  I
> > don't see "bugs" in a black vs. white type of
> view; in
> > fact, I can classify bugs in two ways:
> > 1) A bug is something that has always been broken
> > 2) A bug is something that is broken, but it once
> > worked
> This is still too 'white and black'. What about a
> patch that fixes 1) and in
> the process introduces 2) (case in point the WM
> rewrite and windowed GL
> applications) ?

I think that still falls into #2, and that's pretty
much my point.

Analogy: I need an oil change.  I take my car to the
car shop.  They do the oil change.  They also return
my car with a flat tire that it didn't have before.  I
know it could be an accident, but the responsible
thing to do is for the car shop to fix that flat tire.

Besides, without this type of "responsibility" in
place, I could theoretically pay a developer to fix a
bug for me, and then, 3 months down the line, some
other developer breaks it.  What do I do then?  Pay
money again to have someone refix it?


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