Are Visual Basic install problems common?

Dan Kegel daniel.r.kegel at
Wed Oct 19 18:16:25 CDT 2005

Is it common for Visual Basic applications to
have problems installing under Wine?
Take the recent post by Denis, for instance.
He's trying to install a fairly complex Visual Basic
app that uses MDAC, and the installer just
won't run properly under Wine.  (I've corresponded
with him privately, and can give more details if

I have this feeling that this isn't an isolated instance.
Maybe there are hundreds of thousands of  businesses and
government offices that have large
collections of VB apps written in-house,
not yet ported over to VB.NET, which
they'd like to run under Wine -- but
they take one look at the trouble they
have installing, and give up.

Does anyone have experience rolling VB (not apps
here?  Is it easy to create VB apps that install fine
under Windows, but not under Wine?

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