Linking wine * libraries with Linux applications ?!

Alexander Efremov vilgus at
Thu Oct 20 07:45:45 CDT 2005

Thursday, October 20, 2005, 6:21:57 AM, you wrote:
> On Thu, 20 Oct 2005 13:12, Rob D wrote:
>> As a developer of several applications that need to run on Windows and
>> *nix, I am VERY interested in knowing more about the possible ways to
>> accomplish this, and would be more than willing to help update whatever
>> stuff is required.

> There is an old patch for linking a Winelib as an ordinary executable file on

Actually my problem is little bit different. I'm creating a library
for Linux which utilizes some features of other Linux libraries +
additionally I wand to utilize the avifil32.dll for the AVI stuff. The
architecture is somethink like

|Linux Executable| --uses--> |Linux *.a and *.so libraries| +
+ |my Linux *.so library| --uses--> |Other Linux *.a and *.so
libraries + WineLib|

It's very pitty that we have all the features of Win32 *.dll libraies
reimplemened for Linux but can't use them without the emulator.

By the way what exactly causes the segmentation fault during the
execution ?

A also tried to compile and link WineLib * applications using
normal g++ for compilation and linking - just ignoring all the
resource files - and it worked. I only had probles of some unresolved
references when I link compiled in such a way dynamic libraries to an
executable. Some stuff (which I guess <winebuild> adds) was
unresolved. I also tried to link additionally the stuff generated by
<winebuild> to the libraries but at the end i got the same
segmantation fault :-( 

Please HeLp !!! ;-)

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