Linking wine * libraries with Linux applications ?!

Alexander Efremov vilgus at
Fri Oct 21 10:44:01 CDT 2005

Hello Dan,

Friday, October 21, 2005, 5:08:44 PM, you wrote:

> Use the Web, Luke!  google takes you right to the man page for
> each of these.

> I suspect you're getting in over your head here, but if you're a strong
> swimmer, you *might* survive :-)

> BTW, have you checked to make sure there aren't already
> open source projects that do what your library will do?
> (I swear I saw one at the other day, but I can't find it at the moment.)
> - Dan


If I had found the similar library (or
at least something similar) I wouldn't have asked this question.
If you could provide me with avifil32.dll functionalities for Linux I
would really appreciate it. This library allows you to have different
types of streams (not only video or audio) inside an *.avi file. And
this is exectly what I need for my project. All existing Linux
implementations of AVI functionalities (ffmpeg, xine, avifile, etc.)
stick to the assumption that *.avi file can consist of only video and
audio streams.

Best regards,
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