ActiveX controls in MSHTML?

Jacek Caban jack at
Fri Oct 21 12:39:02 CDT 2005

Dan Kegel wrote:

>A systems integrator mentioned that many commercial ERP applications
>use ActiveX terminal emulator controls embedded in web pages.
>(I think
>is an example of such an ActiveX control.)
>Presumably these will run in IE on Wine, but will they
>run in the new MSHTML browser that's part of Wine?
>(Sorry if my terminology is a bit off - I haven't played with mshtml ever.)
I've never tested it, but it should be possible.
There is Plug-in For Hosting ActiveX Controls:
It is installed by default with Mozilla ActiveX
Control (I know, it's a mess of names here...), so
if MSHTML uses Gecko provided by this, it'll
be able to use ActiveX control. I don't know
how well does it work, but, to have full support
for ActiveX, that plug-in would probably have to
cooperate with MSHTML. It means that if we
want to have a full support for ActiveX controls,
we'd have to implement it ourselves by creating
a Gecko plug-in in MSHTML. But it's for far future
and, again, perhaps current solution is good


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