ActiveX controls in MSHTML?

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Fri Oct 21 12:56:40 CDT 2005

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> Betreff: ActiveX controls in MSHTML?
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> A systems integrator mentioned that many commercial ERP applications
> use ActiveX terminal emulator controls embedded in web pages.
> (I think
> is an example of such an ActiveX control.)
> Presumably these will run in IE on Wine, but will they
> run in the new MSHTML browser that's part of Wine?
> (Sorry if my terminology is a bit off - I haven't played with mshtml
> ever.)


Perhaps a little offtopic but there's a big chance that these sites work
fine using Konqueror if you use 'reaktivate'. Not sure if much people
remember what reaktivate is but it is a plugin for konqueror which uses wine
to load activex controls. For instance it allows you to run shockwave and
other plugins.



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