Thank you for closing my bugzilla account...

Jonathan Ernst Jonathan at
Thu Oct 27 11:23:06 CDT 2005

Le jeudi 27 octobre 2005 à 12:14 -0400, Dimi Paun a écrit :
> From: "Ivan Leo Puoti" <ivanleo at>
> > You should still check them manually, by running the program and see if 
> > the bug is really fixed, then write something like "I tried this with 
> > 0.9 and it's fixed", not just mass close everything. The whole point of 
> > verifying bugs is to actually verify they are fixed.
> First, it is the responsibility of the reporter to verify the bug.
> It is totally unrealistic to think that others will go do the 
> verification -- they lack the software, the context, and the motivation/
> Second, we had close to a thousand bugs in that state. They do more
> harm then good lingering about. If the original reporter can not be
> bothered to verify it, they should be closed.
> Third, Jonathan has done a lot of good work, and I find it way
> over the top to remove his Bugzilla account over this issue.
> Yes, this may have been handled better, etc. but I see no reason
> for such drastic measures. I don't know who removed his account,
> but this was done with _way_ less consensus than his actions.
> Please restore his Bugzilla privileges.

Thanks for your message Dimi.

I discussed the issue with Ivan on IRC and he restored my account.
The main problem seemed to be that my comment stated: 

"Closing all bugs that have been fixed before the latest release (wine
Sorry for the spam (that's how bugzilla works ;-) )."

instead of:

"Closing all bugs that have been RESOLVED before the latest release
(wine 0.9).
Sorry for the spam (that's how bugzilla works ;-) )".

And Ivan had an abandoned bug that was indeed not fixed.

Reading the definition for VERIFIED it seems correct to say a bug is
verified even if it was abandoned because verified means that the QA
people think the resolution (in this case "ABANDONED") is correct.

I hope that now that all these bugs have been closed and that we have a
better (at least bigger) QA group we will be able to more accurately
confirm, assign, verify and close bugs.

Sorry for any annoyance I might have caused, best regards and
congratulation for the beta release.

Jonathan Ernst <Jonathan at>
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