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Jonathan Ernst Jonathan at
Fri Oct 28 04:09:19 CDT 2005

Le vendredi 28 octobre 2005 à 06:21 +0000, Molle Bestefich a écrit :
> Jonathan Ernst wrote:
> > we could have VMWare installs of Wine and people could download
> > the VMWare image of any Wine release and play it for free using the
> > VMWare player !
> Excellent idea!!
> > I guess the download size will be quite big, but a small distro with
> > only X, Wine, Gnome and KDE and required dependencies for example could
> > fit on half a CD I guess.
> Do you know of any miniature distro(s) that carry these and
> (preferably) existed all along with Wine?  If you have suggestions,
> I'd like to give it a shot right away.

If you remove the word processor I think you'll be under 30-40MB
uncompressed with these ones:

I didn't find a ready to use minidistro with gnome or/and kde as these
applications are really big. You could also try something like ubuntu
and install only the minimum reqs of Wine.

Thanks for your efforts; looking forward to testing your VMWare
machines !
Jonathan Ernst <Jonathan at>
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